20 years of FLYSURFER X skywalk paragliders

Start-up flair at the turn of the millennium, so it happened that 5 paraglider pilots plunged into the water sports industry with a lot of courage and zest for action. An adventure marked by creativity, innovation and pure passion for flying. On October 17, 2001, the Skywalk GmbH & Co. KG project was put into action and this day marked the beginning of the success story as we know it today.

As in life, our founders go through ups and downs, chisel milestones, invent technologies, experience break-ups, get angry about defeats and celebrate grandiose victories. The most important thing that has always remained is friendship. What succeeds is staying grounded, even though one could take off. That's why, even after many years with us, the most valuable thing is still us, the people.

20 years later, we are overjoyed to look back on an incredible time in which we were able to realise so many of our ideas! We'll be taking a look back at our early visions, sharing our incredible stories and seeing for yourself the people who have shaped both brands - FLYSURFER & skywalk paragliders.

Discover with excitement the first blog posts from 20 years of company history - FLYSURFER founders Manfred Kistler and Armin Harich tell us how it all began.