We present you our new Media Room - a cloud-based content platform, hosted by Microsoft, which you can easily access via your web browser from any device at any time.
In the Media Room, we provide you as a sales partner with the most important content for all current products for download. This includes a large collection of professional photos for media work (for web and print), important information such as factsheets, manuals, texts, etc. as well as templates and videos for social media. In the FLYSURFER Media Room you will also find our Brand Communication Guidelines as well as our logos for download.


What is Microsoft SharePoint?

In a few words, SharePoint is an online collaboration system from Microsoft. It allows companies to create protected platforms where they can store, organise and share information and files via a web browser



The first important steps (to register)

You will be invited by us today with your e-mail address (the same as for this newsletter) as a guest to our Microsoft SharePoint platform FLYSURFER Media Room. You will receive an invitation e-mail from Skywalk GbmH & Co. KG (via Microsoft).

1. Check your inbox. You will receive an invitation e-mail from Skywalk GmbH & Co. KG (via Microsoft). Confirm the invitation e-mail by clicking on the button "Accept invitation".
2. A window will open in your web browser. For security reasons, an account verification is necessary. Please request the verification code by clicking on "Send code".
3. You will receive another e-mail with your Skywalk GmbH & Co. KG account verification code.
4. Switch to the web browser and enter your code. Then click on "Sign in".
5. A window "Review permissions" will open, please click on "Accept".

You will automatically be redirected to the FLYSURFER Media Room.


Important tip: Save the web address of the FLYSURFER Media Room in your favourites or bookmarks for faster access. You will also find the link to the Media Room in the menu of the FLYSURFER B2B portal.


You already have a Microsoft account with your e-mail address?

If you are already logged in with your Microsoft account in the browser, you will be forwarded directly to the FLYSURFER Media Room after confirming the invitation e-mail via the button "Accept invitation" and the "Accept" of the "Review permissions". With a Microsoft account, no verification code is required.



Login FLYSURFER Media Room

You can now access the FLYSURFER Media Room at any time and from any device via a web browser:
For security reasons, an account verification is required for each new login. Please request the verification code via "Send code". Paste the account verification code from the email into your login window.
With a Microsoft account, no verification code is necessary.



A short Media Room Tour


On the landing page of the Media Room you will find a preview of the 4 most important product groups. The banners take you directly to the respective document library. On the left you will find the menu of the Media Room, here you can also directly access the different categories and folders.
At the bottom of the homepage, you will find a link to the Brand Communication Guidelines as well as a Help & Contact section.
On the Brand Communication page you will find the most important design guidelines for the FLYSURFER brand identity as well as the FLYSURFER logo in different versions for download.
In the document libraries (Kites, Wings, Control Bars, Boards) the folder structures are similar to the old download kits.

How can I download files and folders?

To download single or multiple files or entire folders, select the individual items by clicking on the checkbox in the circle. Then click on Download in the upper navigation bar. (You can also right-click on the file, photo or folder and select Download).
In the folder "Images" there are pictures in web resolution for download and in a subfolder 'High-Res' the high-resolution originals for print media. At the top right of the document library page, click View options to change the document library view to List, Compact, Tiles view.


Should you have any further questions, requests, or wishes regarding the FLYSURFER Media Room, please contact us at