The SONIC3 in-depth guide

Responsible product design, clear positioning and safety at a glance; the new SONIC is a fusion of power and handling. The most advanced freeride product in the FLYSURFER line up benefits from the performance of the VMG and has the sovereignty of the SOUL:
“Maximum adrenaline kick with minimal risk.” Armin Harich – Founder of FLYSURFER.


Progressive Depower:
Sheeting out the control bar, the SONIC immediately loses a good amount of power. After just a few centimeters, the kite is fully depowered. As a result, the power delivered when “powering up” is very progressive and the lift is explosive.

High airspeed:
The technology transfer from hydrofoil-racing gives the SONIC its optimized high-performance profile that reduces back stalling and enables high airspeed.

Effective change of the angle of attack:
Controlled by the 3-level mixer and the tuned brake, the SONIC delivers power on demand. The kite has excellent depower and produces massive lift when you need it.

Excellent turning despite high aspect ratio:
The SONIC has a special outer wing design that allows the kite to turn with a constant pull despite the high aspect ratio. The kite pivots very late, which means that the performance when gliding, jumping and especially landing is excellent.

The added value: The features mentioned above help the timing of the jump to hit the perfect spot as often as possible. The lift is explosive, then the breathtaking glide phase begins. Turning with the SONIC allows precise maneuvers and excellent accelerations after a jibe or tack, especially with the hydrofoil or on snow. The wing provides very consistent pull. It is optimally supported by the 3-level (A, B, C) bridle-design and has improved rigidity thanks to our X-Light canopy material.